Just Vac P AMVEX low vacuum

The AMVEX low vacuum regulators allow the controlled continuous aspiration of secretions in tracheal and pharingeal ways during surgical procedures and during continuous nasogastric drainage.


Reference: 11VPBVAEee


• The low vaccum continuous regulator has a limiting valve for 140mmHg.
• Classified as LV: Low Vacuum, High Flow.
• For the patient’s safety, they are equipped with a unidirectional valve which prevents communication between the pressure source and the aspiration line.
• They incorporate an ON-OFF device, which enables the operator to stop suction without closing the aspiration-control valve.
• Simply by pushing a button, the PUSH system allows a quick and easy replacement of accessories, such as filters, watertraps or DISS connectors, which ensures both the patient’s and the operator’s safety (please consult our PUSH accessories Catalogue).

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