Por Ingeniería y Técnicas Clínicas

We at ITC would like to express our sincere thanks to all those attending RETTmobil 2024 for the great welcome we received for our products.

During our participation we have received a large number of visitors at the fair and we would like to thank all the visitors for the great welcome of our products in new markets. We have taken note of all the requests we are receiving during the fair, in order to continue working on completing our catalogue with new products.


Our new Cylinder Management System (CMS 2000) as well as the CMS 3000 and CMS 3500 have been very well received. The electro-pneumatic CMS 2000 automates the supply of oxygen from a small piped network. The CMS 3000 and CMS 3500 are manual models. The entire CMS line is specially designed for installation in ambulances or field hospitals.

They have also been interested in our Oxygen Distribution System (ODS). A device designed to be installed in military transports, both air and ground.

Thank you again for the great welcome of all our products.

We look forward to seeing you at the next RETTmobil!

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