By Ingeniería y Técnicas Clínicas

As we announced in our previous publication, we were exhibiting at the Arab Health 2022 event in Dubai (UAE), from January 24 to 27, which was its 47th celebration.

It is an event of high strategic interest for ITC as it is a world-class exhibition within the health sector and the most important in the Persian Gulf area. More than 4,000 exhibitors and around 100,000 visitors met this year.

Final de la feria Arab Health-01

There has been great support and an excellent reception from the attendees and thanks to the new online format, the value proposition is increased by having bigger number of available contacts, thus facilitating greater options for establishing commercial agreements.

Final de la feria Arab Health-02

We would like to mention the interest aroused by our line of Just Plug connectors and sockets, as well as the line of hospital headboards, where a new headboard prototype was presented that includes an ultraviolet light lamp that allows the elimination of 99% of viruses and bacteria in hospital wards.

For more information on this and other products, do not hesitate to contact us through our customer service e-mail itcsal@itcsal.com

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