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Oxygen therapy is one of the most effective measures for the management of chronic respiratory failure. Thanks to it, it is possible to increase the amount of oxygen and treat hypoxia (oxygen deficit in blood, tissues and organs)1.

In Spain, about 264 out of every 100,000 inhabitants are users of continuous home oxygen therapy and of these, more than 125,000 are patients with COPD2.

This medical method, in combination with the administration of inhaled nitric oxide, is also used in the treatment of premature births with hypoxemic respiratory failure3. In Spain, around twenty-nine thousand premature infants are born per year4 and depending on the severity or reason for respiratory failure, through the use of this therapy it is possible to achieve an improvement in the oxygenation of the newborn5. Also in the current pandemic situation, emergency hospital care medical centers have used this therapy to avoid further respiratory complications6.

Our NOXtec electromedical equipment is designed to cover these deficiencies through the dosage and / or monitoring of nitric oxide, mainly aimed at the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. By continuously sampling the flow of the NO-O2 mixture supplied to the patient, the NOXtec 1000 device is able to monitor a stable flow of the nitric oxide concentration that the patient is receiving and whether it is between predetermined threshold values.

Thanks to this, patients with critical situations are able to improve their conditions and their quality of life. Since the launch of this product, it has been commercialized in countries around the world such as Saudi Arabia, Greece, Spain, France, Austria, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Israel, Malaysia, Turkey or Lebanon. For this reason, we want to express the great satisfaction of collaborating in the improvement of people’s quality of life, especially in those countries where health is still under development.

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