Por Ingeniería y Técnicas Clínicas

ITC had the pleasure of participating in virtual conferences with distinguished companies from Healthcare Technology sector in the Middle East. The commercial missions were organized by ICEX with firms from Middle East, more specifically from Jordan and Kuwait.

The aim of these direct virtual missions is to facilitate contact between Spanish and local companies by presenting our company to these new markets with a view to a possible distribution agreement.

At the virtual conferences, ITC had the pleasure meeting with various local companies of both countries interested in companies that manufacture and distribute Medical and Hospital Equipment.

The virtual conferences started with a welcome meeting with the local ICEX economic and commercial adviser, who gave an overview of the country and presented interesting business opportunities. B2B meetings between the local companies and ITC followed the meeting with the commercial adviser.

Thanks to the collaboration of the offices from Jordan and Kuwait, we had the possibility to arrange various meetings with companies from both countries to find synergies, to understand deeper the market circumstances and to confirm the distinguished image that Spanish companies have in these countries in terms of quality and service.

ITC has business agreements with numerous distributors around the world and we are constantly looking for new markets and opportunities to expand our presence.

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