Just Vac M Compact vacuum

The HV metallic vacuum regulators JUST VAC with an ON-OFF option are designed for its use on vacuum piped networks and provide regulation of continuous suction for its use in tracheal and pharyngeal ways during surgical procedures and continuous gastric drainage.


Reference: 11VMAVANcc


• This vacuum regulator of high vacuum provides suction from 0 to total suction.
• JUST VAC incorporates an ON-OFF dispositive, through which the aspiration can be switched off without having to close the suction control valve.
• It is classified as High Vacuum/High Flow.
• The converter for the PUSH system can be additionally incorporated.
• It can be provided individually or on a dual version, and it can be mounted either with a direct connector, a clamp to a rail or a Ø38mm bar flange. It is supplied by a flexible hose with different European and American connectors (see Connectors and Outlets).

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