Just Vac P AMVEX paediatric continuous – Intermitent vacuum

The intermittent suction unit is a combination of continuous and intermittent vacuum regulators to use in centralized vacuum systems in hospitals.


Reference: 11VPIPAEcc



• It combines the versatility of an intermittent mode for nasograstric drainage and continuous mode for tracheal, pharyngeal or surgical suction.
• It incorporates a REG-OFF-INT device that allows the operator to interrupt aspiration without closing the suction control valve.
• In the intermittent mode, this unit employs a pneumatic logic module to alternate between the On and Off cycles. The unit is quipped with independent controls to regulate the duration of the On and Off cycles, the vacuum level and suction flow.
• In the continuous mode it enables suction from 0 to 140 mmHg vacuum.
• Classified as Low Vacuum / Hight Regulated Flow.
• Pressing PUSH button, the accessories, like filters or DISS connectors, are released for their easy replacement, ensuring the safety of both the user and the patient (see PUSH Accessories Catalogue).
• They can be supplied in single and double versions and can be mounted with a direct connector either on a rail fast clamp or on a Ø38,0 mm bar flange. They can be supplied by a flexible tube with different European and American standards (csee Connectors and valves Catalogue).

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